From the Website Team

Hello Drury residents,
Welcome to our re-shaped Village Website.

Since this website started several years ago, and until this year, it had only a one-man website team, but now David has joined and brought some fresh ideas.
For one thing we have changed our internet provider, so cutting the cost by about a fifth of what it used to be to keep this site up and running.

Then David has made this site so that you can respond to the notices that are posted on different pages.

There will be a post from the new Chairman of the Drury Committee, Barry Robinson.  The first meeting under his leadership will be Thursday 3 March, 7.30pm in the Drury library.  Please read his introductory message on his page, if you haven’t already read it from an e-mail you have been sent.

Another page will be news from Civil Defence, which we hope you all will want to read and have some involvement in — even if it’s to just be a contact person for your street.

We will be asking our council reps. to keep us up to date about Council business that effects us here in Drury, so there is a page for this.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a page established for you to make your comments about any of the items pasted on this site.
However, please realise that this website is to further the welfare of our Drury Village, and is not to be used for other purposes.  David and I will be moderating all postings to make sure that they are respectful of the views of others — treating others as you would like them to treat you, so that the content is relevant to Village life as it effects us all.
It should not be negative, or spam, or copyrighted material.

So please use this site, and don’t hesitate to let us know where you see we can make an improvement.

The website team,
Ron and David