From the Civil Defense Chairman

Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Ron Bagrie and I have been asked to be the new chairman of Civil Defense for Papakura and Drury. The retiring chair is Caroline Conroy and she felt to resign because she and her husband have moved away from this area. She has left me with many contacts, and those of us who have been attending the meetings she arranged over the last few years know how valuable her contribution has been to Civil Defense in Papakura and Drury.

I have met once this year so far with Craig Bosson, the supervisor for Civil Defense in the South Auckland region. We are due to meet together again soon, but let me indicate what we are thinking of for this year — a Civil Defense exercise for our area.

It is my thought that Civil Defense should be making use of other networks that already exist as the effect of a community response in time of disaster depends on the strength of those networks. My role is to link those networks together wherever possible so that we are able to make full use of the resources available in our communities.

If this sounds like something you want to be involved in then please contact me. If you have done that in the past and haven’t heard anything, don’t give up, please contact me again. My cellphone is 0277557872 and e-mail is

There will be more definite news on the exercise after I have met with Craig again. If you have a suitable venue you would like to offer, then please let me know.

Ron Bagrie